Medical Billing Professionals Code of Ethics

Rule 1- Integrity & Objectivity

In the performance of any professional service, we shall maintain objectivity and integrity, shall be free of conflicts of interest, and shall never knowingly misrepresent facts to our clients or the public.

Rule II- General Standards

We shall comply with these standards

  • Professional competence – Undertake only those professional services that we can reasonably expect to be completed with professional competence.
  • Professional Due Care – Exercise due professional care in the performance of professional services.
  • Professional Integrity – We will conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and in the best interest of our clients and the general public.

Rule III – Confidentiality

HIPAA Business Associate agreement on file with Client

Rule IV – FEES

Professional services shall be offered or rendered on a percentage basis whereby no fee will be charged unless a specific result is obtained. The rate and means of billing shall be made explicit.

Rule V – Truth in Advertising and Promotion

We shall not seek to obtain clients by advertising or other forms of solicitation in a manner that is in any way false, misleading or deceptive.