What makes FTGU different from other billing or recovery companies?

Service, support, a systematic approach, and commitment are what make us unique. We offer a full range of support services that other companies don’t match. When you’ve got a problem, we service you directly—no dealing with unknown distributors with limited knowledge of your office or your needs. We’re committed to being here for you. Traditionally, practices have only had two options for medical billing and coding—internal staff or outsource billing services. Whether the billing and coding is done by internal staff or an outsourced billing company, the greatest source of frustration for physicians is the high percentage of claims that are never paid and the complete lack of insight as to "why?" From a provider standpoint, if the reason for unpaid claims could be determined, then adjustments could be made in business processes to correct the problem. That’s where FTGU can help. We believe that there is a 3rd option for medical billing and coding that can greatly reduce the percentage of unpaid claims, significantly increase revenue, and clearly identify the reasons for unpaid claims called SCM.

What does it mean for FTGU to offer AR Recovery Services?

This additional service is made available to all of our clients who take advantage of our Secondary Claim Management Services. FTGU successfully generates revenue for our clients by recovering claims more than 180 days in A/R. Our success is based on a methodology that includes systematically assigning and tracking status on every unpaid claim. We believe that this systematic approach to Insurance A/R recovery is a key component of our ability to recover lost revenue and maximize revenue potential. This methodology, combined with our knowledge and experience in getting insurance claims paid, is what makes FTGU uncharacteristically successful. "We resurrect money from your AR that has been unrecoverable or worst forgotten."

Do I have to buy a new practice management system to engage your services?

No. We can work directly in your practice management system in most cases. FTGU has successfully utilized dozens of practice management systems to seamlessly assume responsibility for our clients’ AR. No matter what system or process you have, FTGU can assume your AR and start working your claims Day 1. As a result, the "transition" to AR Recovery or SCM services are much smoother than that associated with a traditional billing service; your staff is not expected to learn a new system, your physicians can maintain their relationship with the billers and coders that add value to your organization and the investment in your practice management system is not lost or stranded. This creates a "Win-Win" situation for your practice—you can leverage the investments you have made in staff and technology AND derive an immediate improvement to process, procedures and revenue!

What if I don’t have an established PM system for SCM Services?

For practices that are looking for a new practice management solution, FTGU can assist by introducing you to one of our partners that offers a premier hosting solution at very competitive rates. Combined with FTGU’s SCM service, this becomes an incredibly efficient and cost effective solution for any practice.

Do I have to come to your office for training?

No. We come to you and present on-site training for SCM services. Training is included in our services unless you are requesting or require custom training services.

What types of reports can I expect to see from FTGU on a monthly basis?

Clients receive a monthly denial management report identifying the actions taken on unpaid claims through TrackAR

  • Categorize denied claims and identify negative billing and coding trends (Denials Management)
  • Utilize the denial management reports to correct initial coding “mistakes” and/or EMR templates (Corrective Coding)
  • Identify cash flow risks earlier in the revenue lifecycle
  • Correctly identify balances that should be transferred to patient responsibility
  • Correctly identify balances that should be “written off”
  • Reduce the number of claims that transfer to “Core A/R Recovery” status

Do I migrate over my database to your database?

No. You keep 100% ownership of your system and your data, giving you the peace of mind of staying in control of your business.

Will you evaluate my situation and give me a report about my business’s current health and expectation of financial return?

Yes. FTGU offers a free initial consulting evaluation to determine the needs of your practice. This report will be shared with the physicians and/or administrators of the group.

How long does it take to get started?

FTGU can generally get started within one month of signing a contract. This time is used to establish IT and assign Consultants to your account.

Do I need to buy new hardware or add computers to my current office?

No. For practices that are looking for a new IT support Team or new hardware, FTGU can assist by introducing you to one of our partners that offers highly reliable computer and networking hardware and services to fulfill the broad and demanding needs of the medical industry. Our preferred partner works with FTGU and the PM Support Team together when a problem occurs. Most clients prefer "one-stop" software and hardware service that works together as One Team. FTGU can also work very effectively with the IT staff you currently have in place.

What do the OON PA, Neuromonitoring Lease Back Services entail?

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